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Welcome! Happy Monkey Club is a community of like-minded women who share the common goal of leading a positive, happy and balanced life while giving back to the community.

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Each month, we focus on one of our pillars of happiness, and within the month, we post 4 unique and simple personal challenges designed to help you focus on your happiness and wellbeing.

November is Give Back month

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We are always adding new events to attend so you can get out, stretch your legs, be social, and have fun!

Here's our latest (but you can find more events here)

pillars: Have Fun
Saturday, November 29th
Hackers and Smackers Driving Range — Winnipeg, MB

Stop by for a relaxing and FUN afternoon all about you! Shop, relax and then unwind with a Yoga class, all while sipping on a glass of wine, or relaxing with a cup of tea. Karen Wheeler with SILPADA DESIGNS and Shawn Flaman with YOUR YOGA , together with our friends and featured vendors, look forward to welcoming you!

Read more about JOY ~ Jewelery, Oils, Yoga and so much more.
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